Guide for Maid Medical Examination in Singapore


One of the best perks of living in Singapore is that it is relatively easy to hire live-in maids to help us around the house. From cleaning to cooking, they provide much-needed assistance to our hectic lives. However, hiring a foreign domestic worker (FDW) comes with added responsibilities and legal requirements. One of the legal requirements set by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) Services Centre on domestic help is the 6-monthly Medical Examination (6ME).

This FDW medical examination is a mandatory biannual check-up for our foreign domestic helpers to check for any pregnancy or infectious diseases. Below is a guide to FDW medical check-up in Singapore. Here, you’ll understand the different types of maid medical check-up and how you and your maid can benefit from these FDW medical examinations.

Different Types of Maid Medical Check Up Singapore

Once you hire a maid, you’d want to make sure that she is healthy enough to work. Your maid should complete a couple of medical examinations for her to satisfy the necessary government requirements. These medical examinations are an essential responsibility of every employer.

Pre-employment Maid Medical Examination

A pre-employment medical exam in Singapore is required for all potential helpers and must be conducted by a registered doctor within two weeks of her arrival in the country. After she passes all the medical tests, you can now issue a work permit for your helper. If she fails some of the mandatory tests, she has to be sent home.

Six-Monthly Medical Examination (6ME)

Typically, MOM will send you a notification letter and 6ME form by post when your helper’s 6ME is due. The letter will indicate the type of medical examinations that are required and must be done before the due date. You may also choose to have your maid undergo mental health and dental check-up as long as you pay for the additional medical expenses.

If your maid misses or fails her 6ME, you will have to cancel the issuance of her work permit and send her back home. For maids who are over 50 years old, the biannual 6ME check-up is not mandatory and a check-up can be done upon the renewal of her work permit.

A basic 6ME can cost between S$60 to S$80 annually. Here’s a summary of the average 6ME cost for the various medical tests.


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